These are examples are from our striking Maple with Ebony range. Solid or veneered Maple, depending on construction requirements, is used in combination with an Ebony string detail.

Details vary with each piece. For example the display cabinet features a solid Maple recessed door that locks into a solid frame, the glazed front being extremely tough laminated glass. Not only is this a very attractive piece but it provides a very secure display environment – In this case a number of adjustable shelves prepared to the client’s specifications were also supplied.




Carefully selected solid White Maple with Ebony string detail, brass fittings and locks, finished in clear polish or lacquer as required. Hand cut dovetails in Oak or Chestnut are used to make strong attractive drawers.


Maple dresser with fitted display rack, five small drawers again in sold wood for durability and quality.








Detail of a black velvet lined collectors display table, bevelled glass top which is double locked for security. Fine strong Maple legs and frame inset with Pommelle and Ebony string detail.











A narrow dresser base with storage for eight wine bottles, designed for a enthusiastic cook, painted inside and clear lacquered to preserve the solid wood in a busy kitchen.



A boudoir cabinet in selected matched White Maple and Ebony String. All drawers are hand dovetailed as in any quality furniture, solid Oak boxes in this case with solid Maple fronts. The twenty five drawers in the upper cabinet have been veneered in matching Quilted Maple with the figure running across the drawer fronts as one sheet. Again solid brass fittings and locks, two hidden compartments in this case, and hand silvered bevel cut mirrors.